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About Us

The Pineapple Purveyor is passionate about curating travel finds and experiences for its clients.  Despite current travel restrictions – you  might not be able to travel the world but the doesn’t mean we can not bring the world to YOU, through our online virtual experiences; social events, cooking classes and mixology sessions.


Using the world as our canvas The Pineapple Purveyor will provide curated and travel finds and experiences.  Each event will connect you to a world of experiences, whether that is learning how to make the most perfect margarita with a luxury Hotel based in Mexico or mastering  how to make a Croissant with a luxury Hotel based in Quebec.   


A tenured and highly respected individual in the event management and hospitality industry, Joanne is known for her strategic and creative approach.


Additionally, her exceptional regard for high-quality standards with a fine eye for detail produces legendary experiences.  Joanne believes that this same passion and fine eye for detail can be applied to virtual experiences.  


Joanne pours enthusiastic energy into her role as the Chief Curator. 

Joanne Henry, Chief Curator at the Pineapple Purveyor  

Bartender Pouring Cocktail
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